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Guide to Dual-box leveling with RAF

February 3, 2010

Welcome to part 2 of the RAF leveling guide

By now you should have everything setup and ready to. The classes are created and you’re about to press enter to log into the wonderful world of Warcraft.
A tiny question pops into your head: Is there anything I need to know?

Well of course it is, I am glad you asked! I will give you some general advice and then give you an example of how I do it.

Things you need to know when leveling with RAF

  1. Pick a month where you are not so busy so you wont have to pay for two months leveling 1-60
  2. Use the Jamba addon ( (auto share quests and so on, MUST HAVE)
  3. Try and avoid collection quests, there’s no point in farming for 20 items times two when you get triple xp
  4. Do not buy green/blue items for your characters – It’s super pointless and a waste of cash/time
  5. Think twice about doing dungeons 1-60, it might mess up your leveling pace. I avoid dungeons until 60.
  6. Remember that you can summon your other account and that it can summon you. It’s like two heartstones – use it smart.
  7. Only train abilities when you have huge upgrades or pass a city by default
  8. Plan your leveling path (I will try and be more specific about this in another post)
  9. Don’t group with people unless you need to for a specific quest (if you have to wait for people, just ignore it and do another one)
  10. Send all the loot you get to an AH mule (character parked in stormwind/orgrimmar next to a mailbox)

An example of how I level
I always start by deciding what kind of character I want to play, in this last case it turned out to be a Warlock. My next question is, what character do I want to compliment the warlock? As I need two grouped characters to get the RAF bonus. Playing two of the same class might seem boring, but it’s very easy to setup. In this case I decided to go two affliction warlocks that will respec at 50 to demonology.

My both warlocks start in Durotar (orcs) and I like to level untwinked (so no 20 slots bags or anything to help). I have already setup Jamba so my other warlock will auto accept quests, I have a /follow command that I press when I want him to follow and his hotbar looks pretty much like my own. When I attack a monster the other character will assist and cast the same spell – it’s pretty simple stuff.

I do not do collection quests unless it’s below 5 items to gather. Collection quests slow you down! Remember that you are getting triple xp, doing one quest is like doing three. That means that you have plenty of other quests to do. In this case my warlocks didn’t do a single collection quest up to 60.

If you are unsure about what leveling path you should take I suggest you look into free guides on the net ( for example. My warlock leveling path was something like this:

Durotar 1-10
Barrens 10-20
Stonetalon Mnts 20-25
Southshore 25-30
Arathi + Thousand Needles 30-35
Stranglethorn Vale 35-40
Tanaris 40-45
Hinterlands 45-52
Felwood 52-55
Winterspring 55-58

At 58 there’s this great thing you can do. If you activate the Burning Crusade trial on your RAF account you will be enter to go into Hellfire and get the two last levels without even buying it (since you wont use it later).

I usually only train my skills when I really must. Going back and fourth to town will only slow you down (remember that rhyme!) If you know that you will get an ability that will be super effective in your leveling, then by all means – go and get it.

I never buy stuff either, there’s not a single item (except the heirlooms) that you could possibly want during your 1-60 journey. It’s not uncommon that my characters will ding 60 in lvl 10 gear, or with grey items or whatever. Gear isn’t that amazing that you need to spend time on the AH searching for green and blue items.

I know I said earlier that you shouldn’t group, and I stand by my words. Yes it’s a shitty attitude I agree, but if you want to level fast you might have to ignore that level 35 asking you to help him with all his/her quests.

Also keep in mind that you can summon your other character and that he/she can summon you. This means you kinda have two heartstones. I tend to bind one character on one continent and the other one on the other. It will speed up your travel time some. Just heartstone with whatever character is bound in your quest area and then summon the other one.

The journey to 60 will be faster then usual. As I said earlier – expect it to take about 24 hours if you follow my advice.

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  1. May 2, 2010 19:25

    I like this post 😀

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