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The Journey so far

February 10, 2010

My warlock dinged 79 yesterday and I logged out at like 79,4 or so. Over all, it’s gone pretty quick to level this warlock. I really owe the dungeon tool to that. What an awesome concept!

I thought I should write a few points about my journey and give some advice to people who’s doing the instances through the tool.

Things You Should Know While Using the Dungeon Tool
1. Don’t be suprised if the healer rolls for dps/tank gear or the tank rolls for dps/healer gear (if class allows). That’s just how it goes with this system. Lots of people with the option to both tank, heal or dps will que for all three roles. I don’t see anything wrong with rolling for loot. Just expect it and don’t whine about it.

2. I’ve heard several “rumors” that everyone is a bad player who uses the dungeon finder – it’s simply not true. I’ve been in really kick ass groups, but I have also been in horrible groups. I’d say it’s a 40% chance that you get a good group.

3. Morons.. Yeah they are however everywhere. The guy who wants to spam chat with bad jokes, the guy who wants everyone in the group to tell him how good he is and so on. Expect to see lots of these. There’s still very friendly people around, but there’s usually one-two morons per three-four groups.

4. Drama queens, usually a tank or a healer. Once they start whining either will leave. More of a fact than anything else.

More Positive Stuff Please! (Sorry, here it comes!)

5. The experiance is fantastic when you do random dungeons. Just que up and quest a while, take a break, do the instance and resume the questing. At 79 I am currently questing in Grizzly Hills (just started) and I have finished Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord and Dragonblight. So far I own 3,700 gold, but keep in mind that I spent 1,000 gold on Cold Weather Flying. So epic flying will be mine soon 😀

6. Loot! While it’s not the most important thing, you will get decked out in blue instance gear. I think I have like one green on my warlock.

7. You also get a chance to meet new people from your server. I have already met two very cool guys from my server that has offered to run random dungeons with me.

The journey so far has been fun. I am kinda looking forward to dinging 80 and starting to gear up on heroics. After doing all northrend quests with five characters at once, I can say that playing just one feels like heaven 🙂

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