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Status update

February 20, 2010

Recapture of Gnomeregan before expansion?
Link here. About damn time for those pesky gnomes that nobody wants around.

Frozen Orbs gonna get needed all the time!
Are you like me and doing random dungeons all the time? Yeah you should probably take a look at this then. In patch 3.3.3 you will be able to buy other stuff with the frozen orb. Expect everyone to need on them, so get a good supply now!

  • Frozo the Renowned has moved into the Dalaran Magus Commerce Exchange and will be trading your Frozen Orbs for various other trade goods.
  • Crusader Orb (6)
  • Runed Orb (4)
  • Eternal Fire
  • Eternal Earth
  • Eternal Water
  • Eternal Air
  • Eternal Life
  • Eternal Shadow
  • Frost Lotus
  • Pattern: Frosty Flying Carpet [Tailors Only] (6)

Lastly, remember to read the patch notes from 3.3.3 on the PTR!
Which you can do here.

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